Organizational Chart

Board of Directors


Board Director Larry Otos

Larry Otis

Board Director Rob Coffey

Rob Coffey

Board Director Wendy Ragusa

Wendy Ragusa

Board Director Laura Cailloux

Laura Cailloux

Board Director Jessica Samora

Jessica Samora


Superintendent's Office

Superintendent Dr. Vivanco

Dr. Ismael Vivanco, Superintendent


Superintendent's Cabinet

Assistant Superintendent Kate O'Brien

Kate O'Brien, Assistant Superintendent of Teaching & Learning
360-428-6110 ext. 11410

Teaching & Learning
Equity & Inclusion


Jennifer Larson

Jennifer Larson, Finance Director
360-428-6110 ext 11210

Jon Ronngren

Jon Ronngren, Human Resource Director
360-428-6110 ext 11311

Bill Nutting

Bill Nutting, Director
360-428-6110 ext 23010