Nutritional Services

Welcome to the Nutrition Services Department. The District Food Team strongly believes that healthy, nutritious meals and learning go hand in hand. We are accomplishing this by offering students at all schools breakfast and lunch at no charge.

We are excited to offer all children ages 0-18 free breakfast and lunch each day starting the first day of school on September 1st and following the school year calendar!

Updated 3/19/21
Breakfast and Lunch will be served at various times due to more students returning to campus. Please contact your school or school closest to you for their schedule. The Extended Meal Service remains the same, see below for schedule.

The Lunch Menu is available here.

There is no more free and reduced applications or meal fees, every student eats at no charge. Students can travel together to one school to receive meals even if one student attends elementary and the other middle or high school.

Are you interested in learning if your child's snack is a smart one? This Product Calculator at the Alliance for a Healthier Generation can tell you. The site also has information on how to encourage your children to eat healthy and get moving. 

Thank you and we look forward to serving our students this school year!

David Connors, Nutrition Services Supervisor