Highly Capable Program

The Mount Vernon’s Highly Capable services are outlined below. 

Please know that if at any time you do not want your student served in HiCap, they are still identified in their qualifying area even if they do not choose the services.

In 3rd grade: The student will be placed at their elementary school in a HiCap cluster with other 3rd grade students who qualify with a teacher who has received training in teaching this type of learner. There will also be approximately 2 hours/week of “pull-out”; during this time, the students will be doing a project-based unit that includes reading, writing, research, science, math, and a hands-on project.

In 4th and 5th grades: The student will have the option of attending Jefferson Elementary School in the Voyager program for 4th and 5th grades. If the student chooses to attend Jefferson Elementary School for the Voyager program, they will be committing to two years at Jefferson as a full-time student there with all-English instruction. Their week will include the usual specialists (PE, library, etc.), recesses, lunch, and core content instruction in reading, writing, math, science, and social studies. In addition, there are advanced options with project-based units for technology, math/science, media production, art, and music.  

If the student goes to Madison and  chooses to stay at Madison in the dual-language program for 4th and 5th grades, there will be 2 hours of pull-out services most weeks starting in the fall and the student will be eligible for advanced classes at LaVenture Middle School in their qualifying area/s starting in middle school as a 6th grade student.

For middle school/grades 6 - 8:  Mount Vernon School District’s highly capable services for middle school are clustered at LaVenture Middle School. Students who are academically ready will have the option of taking advanced classes in their qualifying area/s (ELA, math, and/or science). If a student chooses to go to Mount Baker Middle School, they retain their HiCap qualification and there are no advanced classes at that building.

For high school: Once students are 9th graders, they will be able to choose courses to take in their schedule that are academically appropriate. There are some options of acceleration on a case by case basis and depending on what courses they took in middle school. Advanced, honors, challenge courses, and Running Start will be options as high schoolers.