Student Focused Balanced Calendar

Why are we looking into a Student Focused Balanced Calendar? 

Watch a short video on why the Mount Vernon School District is exploring a Student Focused Balanced Calendar HERE

What is a Student Focused Balanced Calendar?

With a Student Focused Balanced Calendar, students attend class the same number of days and receive the same instructional hours driven by the same curricula as students at traditional calendar schools. A Student Focused Balanced Calendar modifies the traditional 180-day calendar to keep the learning process continuous. Students have periodic, shorter breaks rather than one long summer break. 

A Student Focused Balanced Calendar evenly distributes the days those students attend school and the days they are on vacation across the 12-month calendar year. All students attend school at the same time and go on vacation at the same time. 

The Mount Vernon School District is currently in the Discussion and Exploration phase of looking into this concept.  We want to explore options to improve equitable outcomes for all students, reduce summer learning loss, and provide a school and life balance during the year for all. 

Watch this short video HERE on what a Student Focused Balanced Calendar might look like.