MVHS Latinos in Action (LIA) students giving back 

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For the past few months, high school LIA students have been making a weekly trip to Washington Elementary to read with students.  As a way to help create a learning experience for both high school and elementary students, LIA teachers, Ramon Rivera, Daniel Sixto, George Flores, and Carlos Serrano, coordinated with Washington Elementary, and started an amazing partnership. 

As high school students arrive to the library, they are greeted by smiling faces, and excited youngsters.  High school students let the young students know they're just as excited by quickly finding their mentee and begin picking out books to read. 

Students select a book from the library shelf to read together
Students select a book to read
Students reading aloud
Students reading aloud

Students fill up the entire library, as they practice reading books.  Most students read to their mentor, but sometimes, high schools students get to switch roles and read to the young students.  Some students gather into bigger groups and are read to, similar to a teacher reading during circle time.  Throughout the library you can see the smiles on student faces and can hear students reading as they practice their skills.  

Students reading aloud
Washington Elementary student reads to her friend and mentor


Students reading aloud
Students reading aloud together
MVHS student reads to younger student
Enjoying a book together


Throughout this experience, MVHS teacher Ramon Rivera said " Students are learning about professionalism and commitment, while helping improve young student’s reading capabilities." The district recently adopted a new reading curriculum called American Reading Company (ARC).  As a way to help get all students to become proficient readers, the district has adopted the Literacy for All, All for Literacy mantra.  That means everyone is reading with students.  From bus drivers who brought buses and read to students during the day, to board members who took time to read with students, everyone in the district has been tasks with being part of this endeavor.  

Students reading aloudStudents reading aloudStudents reading aloud


Students reading aloud

Thank you Mr. Rivera, Daniel Sixto, George Flores, Carlos Serrano and LIA students for your commitment to the district's goal of improving reading, Literacy for All, All for Literacy!