Children with disabilities (birth to age 21) have a wide range of programs available based on their particular need. Special education services are delivered in regular classrooms, and in self-contained and resource room settings. Services are available at all schools including speech/language therapy, occupational and physical therapy, psychological assessment, and home-based instruction. Programs may be on a Mount Vernon School District site or at another educational location. Every student who receives special education must have an individual Education Program (IEP) developed by teachers, parents, and other professionals. For more information, contact Special Services at 360-428-6141.

The Bridge Program serves kindergarten age children in the Mount Vernon School District who have special needs and require extra instruction to gain kindergarten skills and readiness for first grade. Each student has an IEP with goals and objectives designed to develop social and academic skills. This smaller classroom group may include typically developing peers from the neighborhood who serve as communication and academic role models. Speech, occupational therapy and physical therapy are provided as needed. 

Childfind is a program for developing and implementing awareness and screening activities for the purpose of locating, identifying, and evaluating resident students, or students enrolled in a K-12 private school in Mount Vernon, who are suspected of having a disability. The Special and Support Services Department helps families determine if their students are in need of receiving special education and related services. These procedures encompass students ages birth through 21 regardless of the severity of the disability. Families living in Mount Vernon with a child between birth and 21 years of age may bring questions or concerns about how the child is developing to the Special and Support Services Office (360) 428-6141.

The Community Transition Program (CTP) prepares special education youth ages 18-21 for life by integrating community resources into their extended high school education. Students learn academic subjects as they relate to "real world" applications, such as practicing consumer skills, home-economics skills, and learning to use public transportation. A key component of the program is providing work-based learning experiences to our students. The primary goal of work-based learning is to have students participate in internships that are supervised by workplace mentors as well as CTP staff.

The Guide Program, located at Mount Baker Middle School, is a specially designed program for middle school students with behavior disabilities.

The Middle School Life Skills Programs, located at LaVenture Middle School and Mount Baker Middle School, are specially designed programs for students with intellectual disabilities. 

Preschool education (birth to age three) is provided through the Skagit Preschool and Resource Center (SPARC) for children birth to five years old who have special needs. The preschool program classroom setting consists of a daily routine of activities rich in the development of physical, self-help, social, academic, and communication skills. Physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech/language therapy are provided as needed. Parents are encouraged to volunteer in the classroom and participate in parent meetings throughout the school year. For more information, please call 360-416-7570.

The QUEST Program, located at Jefferson Elementary School, is a specially designed program for elementary students with behavior disability.

Resource Room Programs are offered for students with disabilities who need extra, individualized instruction in basic academic subjects.

The RISE Program, located at Mount Vernon High School, is a specially designed program for students with behavior disabilities.

The SOAR Program is a life skills class located at Mount Vernon High School, and is designed for high school students with intellectual disabilities.

The Spectrum Program provides classes for students on the autism spectrum who need a high level of services, which are available within the Mount Vernon School District.