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December 14, 2017

Mount Vernon School District No. 320

Capital Facilities Department

124 East Lawrence Street

Mount Vernon, WA  98273


Architectural Consultant Services for the Mount Vernon High School Old Main Building Historic Modernization and the Tenant Improvements to the Fine Arts Building.  Other Work on the Mount Vernon High School campus that may be added at a later date includes, but may not be limited to:

  • Project phasing and temporary housing of students and administrative staff
  • Programming and concept development of other structures on the high school campus, such as the Vocational Shop addition, AG Building modernization and a Welding Shop
  • Campus Master Plan upgrades
  • Campus storm water analysis




The Mount Vernon School District (MVSD) proposes to modernize the Old Main historic building (historical significance – not historically registered) and complete miscellaneous Tenant Improvements to the Fine Arts Building both located on the Mount Vernon High school campus and if possible, the other work described above. 

These projects are being delivered using the General Contractor/Construction Manager (GC/CM) method of delivery.  The GC/CM contractor chosen and now under contract is Lydig Construction, Bellevue, WA

The modernization of the Old Main Building may have some required precursory work on the Mount Vernon High School campus that will have to be accomplished in order for construction on Old Main to occur. The Owner reserves the right at their sole discretion to increase or decrease the scope of the selected A/E design team to include work related to any, or all, of this precursory work.


Old Main Brief History and Scope of Work


The original Mount Vernon High School Building (Old Main) was constructed in 1921/22 and is a beautiful example of early 20th century, multi‐story, masonry school construction. The building is not on the state historic register, but the historical character of the building and the legacy of what it represents is very important to the surrounding community.

The building sits at the “front door” of the campus and is the cornerstone of a multibuilding campus that serves more than 1,900 student in grades 912. The Old Main building will be vacated during construction, but the surrounding campus, will remain occupied and fully functional during the renovation work. The existing Old Main Building comprises 54,303 SF of total floor area including a daylight basement at ground level, two upper floors and a "crow’s nest" at the roof.

Though now used exclusively as a high school building, earlier in its life, the building housed the high school program on the lower two floors and the original local community college programs on the upper floor. Currently, the building houses 22 classrooms, a 100 seat auditorium, high school administration/counselling and miscellaneous support spaces.

The building has had a number of minor renovations during its 95 years of use. The latest remodels occurred in 1989 & 1992 and included some earthquake upgrades and a tenant improvement of offices (support for administration and instruction) but, to the demise of the auditorium, which had to shrink and give up space to accommodate the improvements; subsequently, the auditorium is too small and difficult to utilize, for a campus of this size.

The building has many challenges from an accessibility standpoint. The building is multistory and accessed primarily by stairs, there is only one, small, old, elevator. The restrooms are not easily accessible to persons with limited mobility. From an infrastructure standpoint, many of the buildings current systems (mechanical, electrical, plumbing, security and technology) are outdated, inefficient and far beyond their useful life cycle.

The modernization project will address upgrading/replacement of these building systems as well as improvements to the buildings accessibility, seismic/structural systems, fire sprinklers, and fire alarm. The desire is to preserve and protect the historical character of this valuable asset, create a building that will be energy efficient, less costly to operate and provide a safe, inclusive and flexible educational environment that will support programmatic requirements well into the 21st century.

Approximate MACC:  $20,500,000


Fine Arts Building, Brief History and Scope of Work

This building was built in 1923 as the original campus gymnasium. A significant remodel in the 1980’s converted the building into a new library and included an intermediate floor structure.

The original 7,000 SF building doubled to 14,000 SF. A 1990’s minor remodel turned it into the Fine Arts building and it remains in that configuration today. Like “Old Main” this building is a beautiful example of early 20th century, multistory, masonry school construction and while it’s interior has changed dramatically its original exterior is very much intact. The building is not on the state historic register, but the historical character of the building and the legacy of what it represents is very important to the surrounding community.

This building also sits at the “front door” of the campus. The primary goal of this project is to convert the existing, upper level classroom use to a new high school administrative center and reconfigure the lower level for more efficient classroom space. Work will include but not be limited to; hazmat mitigation, selective demolition, complete replacement of HVAC, minor reconfiguration of interior spaces, some seismic upgrades as well as revisions to electrical and low voltage systems.

This project is critical in that it will replace the administration in Old Main to allow the expansion of the auditorium as well as additional new classrooms. This building will be vacated during construction, but the surrounding campus, will remain occupied and fully functional during the renovation work.

Approximate MACC $5,500,000



A walkthrough of both buildings and the overall campus is scheduled for Wednesday, January 3rd, 2018 at 3:00PM. Park in the south parking lot and gather at the south entrance of Old Main.

Interested Architectural Consultants are encouraged to attend.

The campus address is:

314 North 9th Street
Mount Vernon, Washington  98273
(360) 428-6156

Note: Teams should contact the Capital Facilities Director noted below at (360) 428-6110 with any questions. The Mount Vernon High School campus including all buildings may not be visited or staff contacted, outside of the scheduled site visit(s) noted above.



Statement of Qualifications submittals will be accepted until 2:00 p.m., Wednesday, January 20th, 2018.  Late submittals will be rejected. 

Submit to:
Suzanne Gilbert
Director of Planning & Construction
Mount Vernon School District No. 320
124 East Lawrence Street
Mount Vernon, Washington  98273
(360) 428-6110


The Mount Vernon School District requests that interested architectural firms submit their qualifications for this project and the potential additional work noted above. The architect selected for this project will assist in the evaluation of the proposed programming previously developed by the District, assist in further developing an educational specification aligned with recent District decisions made in this regard, and provide the required design and construction administration services necessary to perform the Work as briefly described in this RFQ. The architect will lead meetings with staff and community interest groups as directed by the District.


The Mount Vernon School District:

  • Will evaluate and score all submitted Statements of Qualifications consistent with the format presented in this RFQ
  • Will select applicants for Interview based on defined selection criteria and scoring of the SOQ’s,
  • Advises the interview requirements will be published separately, and provided to the firms that are requested to participate in the interviews,
  • May choose to otherwise refine the selection process at any time during the selection process,
  • At all times reserves the right to add, delete, modify and apply selection criteria at its sole discretion,
  • Reserves the right at the sole discretion of the Owner to move forward with contract negotiations with one firm if only one Statement of Qualification is received in the design services selection process.
  • Reference Checks:  The Owner reserves the right to conduct reference checks for the highest scoring firm(s) after responses to the RFP have been evaluated, and/or after interviews have been held. In the event that information obtained from the reference checks reveals concerns about the firm’s past performance or their ability to successfully perform the contract to be executed based on this RFP, the Owner may, at its sole discretion, determine that the firm is not qualified and may select the next highest-ranked firm whose reference checks validate the ability of the firm to successfully perform the contract to be executed based on this RFP. Likewise, the Owner reserves the right to check references for the firm from others even if they were not identified by the firm as references in the submitted proposal.
  • The Owner reserves the right to conclude fee negotiations with the selected (#1) A/E design firm and begin negotiations with the next (#2) A/E design firm, if the Owner and the selected (#1) A/E design firm cannot negotiate a A/E design firm fee that is mutually acceptable.

Interviews are anticipated to take place the week of January 22, 2018 with a recommendation reviewed at the February 7, 2018 Board Meeting. The February 7, 2018 Board Meeting date is a tentative target date and as such may change.

The February 7, 2018 Board Meeting is currently planned to be held at Mount Vernon High School. This location is subject to change by District at any time.



Please submit eight copies (8) of a Statement of Qualifications and one (1) electronic copy on a flash drive, not to exceed fifteen (15) pages, that describes your firm and qualifications to do the work. Prepare it in the exact format described below.

1.  Format: Page size: 8.5 inches high by 11 inches wide (portrait orientation) with bound left edge. All content must be bound. Each printed surface with written narrative information will be counted as a page. Page or section dividers will not be counted as a page and may not contain narrative, however, graphics are permitted.

2.  Cover: Clearly title the submittal with the name of the project for which you are submitting, the submittal due date, and the name of the applicant firm. Any other graphic or written information on the cover must not detract from the required information.

3.  Cover letter: One (1) page to include the following:

  • A concluding statement.
  • Summarize what you hope to accomplish for the District and the community in the development of this project.
  • Highlight three reasons that your firm is uniquely qualified to serve the District as the architect for the project.
  • Explain why you are interested in the particular project or projects.
  • Your opening statement.

4.  Table of Contents (1 page)

5.  Section I: Form 330 (Up to 5 pages, which are not included in the page count above).

6.  Section II – Applicant Information (2 to 3 pages)

  • Describe your firm, including staffing, organization and types of projects including specific project experience designing historic modernization projects of similar size and/or complexity within the previous 10 year period.
  • Provide an overall organizational chart of your firm’s management and personnel, and show which managers and key personnel will have direct contact with the District from conceptual design through construction administration and warranty, and the nature of the contact.
  • Work load: List projects currently in design or being administered in your office, the projected completion date, and the construction cost. Name the key staff assigned to each project.
  • Provide the resume of each key staff person proposed.  Describe their experience and how he/she is ideally suited to his/her role on the project.
  • Describe your top three most common challenges when performing design services on a circa 1920’s, or turn of the century modernization project.
  • Describe your top three most difficult design challenges and how you resolved them. 
  • Note:  Please do not identify/select your sub-consultants in response to this RFQ.  The District desires to discuss teaming and sub-consultants with you prior to your selection of same.

7.  Section III – Approach to Project Management and Design (2 to 3 pages)

  • Explain how you plan to approach the design of a renovation of an historic school building. Make special mention of what you do that is unique, what you do best, and list your strengths.
  • Describe who will contribute the aesthetic and functional design direction to the project, and how the design is critiques, evaluated and refined.
  • Describe how you will manage this project to meet schedule and budget and most importantly, how you will ensure the design is on budget throughout the design process.  It will not be acceptable to be over budget during the design phases forcing any compromise to the proposed program of services and spaces.
  • Describe your experience providing design services on projects delivered utilizing the GC/CM project delivery method.  Choose projects completed in the last 5 years.
  • MVSD Capital Facilities office currently includes 3 licensed architects all with educational facilities experience. Describe how this available experience might fit into your approach to a successful project.

8.  Section IV – Relevant Experience (1 to 2 pages)

  • Provide examples of projects that your firm has completed that are similar to this project.
  • Provide additional description, including the major challenges of each project, and how you managed these challenges.
  • Describe your firm’s professional volunteer involvement in activities or organizations supporting schools (i.e., CEFPI, WAMOA).

9.  Section V – Other Information

  • This section is not required, but is to be provided at the proposers discretion
  • Applicants may add additional information (exclusive of the 15 page content maximum) if the applicant has other data that may be useful in the selection process.

10. Back Cover – Blank


Please see ADDENDUM NO. 1 here.