Professional Development in Mount Vernon School District

Teaching & Learning is committed to providing quality professional development opportunities to MVSD employees. The HRM+ program has been implemented to help steward these opportunities and maintain pertinent records. Within this page there are links to the professional development calendar, HRM+ support and OSPI pages for your convenience. Also listed below is a helpful breakdown of the requirements for earning clock hours as well as links to FAQs and STEM information.

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Offerings (must relate to one or more of the following): WAC 181-85-200(5)

  • Opportunities to collect and analyze evidence related to student learning

  • Professional certification standards

  • School and district improvement efforts

  • K—12 standards and curriculum alignment

  • Current or anticipated research based instructional strategies and assessment practices

  • Building a collaborative learning community

  • Advocacy for students, leadership, supervision, mentoring/coaching

Instructor Qualifications: WAC 181-85-200(2):

  • All in-service education instructors shall have academic and/or professional experience which specifically qualifies them to conduct the in-service education program (e.g. a person with expertise in a particular subject, field, or occupation)

  • Event registration materials and/or agenda/conference programs need to provide a short description of the qualifications of each instructor

  • In-service education instructors will be responsible for and must ensure collection of sign-in sheets and evaluations

Materials (for each offering): WAC 181-85-200(2)(4)

  • Agenda must have dates and times of each presentation and content and outcomes clearly articulated

  • Agenda must have the names and a short description of qualifications of each instructor. e.g. degrees and current professional position

  • Program materials available to ALL attendees

  • Sign-in sheet for attendees

  • Event evaluation completed by participants

Evaluation Requirements: WAC 181-85-030 (5), WAC 181-85-045 (2)

Basic evaluation components must include: