Superintendent Vivanco


Welcome to your District. Comprising nearly 6,700 students, 1,000 staff, six elementary schools, two middle schools, a comprehensive high school, a homeschool partnership, and a technical academy, the district is proud to partner with students, families, staff, and community.

As your new Superintendent, I am looking forward to getting to know our students, families, staff, and the larger community. There will be many opportunities for our families to share their hopes and dreams for their students and the district.  As a community of educators, we are committed to promoting promising practices to ensure all students are safe, healthy, engaged, supported, and challenged.

As we head into the 2020-21 school year, there are two main concerns on our minds. One is what the return to school will look like and the second is the importance of conversations and actions around equity, race, and social justice issues.

Regarding the coming school year, we continue to work with the state’s Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction, Governor’s office, state and county Health Departments, and our district neighbors to determine what is best for our students to allow a return to the expert teaching that you have every right to expect. This goal must be balanced with the necessary efforts to protect the health and safety of our students and staff. We have a number of committees working to ensure a safe return to school.

In May, 2020, the school board adopted a Racial Equity Policy to establish expectations surrounding our commitment to racial equity. While it took significant dedication and many difficult conversations and personal reflections, we now have a solid path forward. Our next step is to involve students and the greater community in understanding how to facilitate conversations that create unity in our community. This 3-year journey, combined with recent emotionally charged issues, has reminded us that this complex matter must be prioritized to break past patterns and promote equitable learning in our district, community, country, and world. With the support of students, staff, families, and community, we pledge to make district improvements and take action to build upon the foundation laid before us and to be an active part of the larger community conversation.

With the challenges ahead, we know that by working together with our community and listening to the important messages being shared, we will give our students the education, security, and emotional well-being they need to “…develop the skills needed to be successful in post-secondary education, careers, and life.” Our community members contribute to the success of our schools through their participation in advisory committees and school leadership teams. We encourage you to continue that participation in one of the many opportunities that are available.

Working as a team, we can bring the hopes and dreams, ideas, and aspirations of our students to fruition. As superintendent, you can count on me to be deliberate in my interactions. I am open to your ideas and want to hear your compliments, comments, and concerns. We will work better together to ensure that our decisions will open doors for ALL our students, and escort them through these doors with the resources they need to cultivate suc