The assessment staff in Teaching and Learning provide training and support for the administration of all district, state, and national assessments. The department gathers and analyzes data and completes reporting.  This information is used to improve student learning outcomes and inform families of their student’s performance and progress. This work is done in support of our 100% Graduation Goal.

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Washington State School Improvement Framework

The Purpose of Assessment

The purpose of assessment is the improvement of student learning outcomes. An effective assessment system is a coherent, aligned, and student-centered system that provides accurate and timely data that can be analyzed to support student learning and system effectiveness.

Assessment is an integral part of the teaching and learning cycle. The data generated through assessment is used to monitor student progress toward grade-level standards and to provide valuable information in identifying student strengths and challenges. This data informs day to day instructional decisions. The data generated is also useful in evaluating instructional programs.

State & District Assessments

Mount Vernon Schools administers state tests to students in grade 3-8 and high school. We also administer select assessments district-wide.

Assessment Calendars for Families

ReadyWA has resources to inform families and help students plan for their education and career including information about the value of assessments as one of the tools used in preparing students for college and career.

State Assessments & Graduation Requirements

To earn a high school diploma in Washington, students must meet the state testing graduation requirements. Many students address this requirement by meeting the graduation standard on the high school level Smarter Balanced English LanguageAlternative Arts assessment and the Smarter Balanced Math assessment. There are additional options that students can use to meet their state testing graduation requirement.

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Graduation Pathways

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Graduation Requirements & Options